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   Our toddler program is designed to challenge the older toddler in the discovery of learning. The planned curriculum allows for growth through discovery and exploration of their physical and social environments. The children develop at their own pace via many hands-on activities. We ease transition from "toddlerdom" to preschool with loving support and enthusiasm. Parent input and support is always welcome; and is a necessity during toilet training.

Circle Time:

Is a group activity where teachers and children talk about the current theme, calendar, and weather.  It is a time for learning colors, shapes and counting through finger plays, songs, and thematic books.

Learning Center:

Is where a variety of activities, including a project, is offered to coordinate with our weekly theme. Activities (of which there are over 50) include lacing, play dough, puzzles, etc. at different room areas. Projects involve coloring, painting, cutting, gluing, and folding.

Potty Party:

Three times a day, these children who are learning to use the toilet are invited to participate in Potty Party. Going potty is presented as a fun, "big kid" activity to entice beginners to join the club! They are praised for any and all attempts. To commend and announce the child's success, the staff acts so super silly the child will attempt to potty just to see the staff repeat the performance. The class is shown the Potty Time video and is rewarded stamps and stickers.

Toilet Training:

1. No Pull-Ups (see below).

2. Soiled clothing will be bagged and placed in a container in the bathroom for daily removal by parents. Please bring in sufficient changes of clothes at this time.

3. Toilet training packets of information are available.

4. Training will not succeed unless parent involvement and participation is guaranteed at home.

5. Training at Wigwam will start upon the teacher's and parent's mutual consent.

Pull-Up Diapers

Pull-up diapers are not allowed. According to our staff members, pull-up diapers cause problems. In some instances, toddlers are wearing pull-ups before they are developmentally ready for potty training.  If a child is not ready for Potty Party here at Wigwam, then pull-ups are inefficient. They require more time on the changing table (undressing child, shoes, etc.) as well as adding extra expense.

Secondly, when a child can properly use pull-ups then training underpants are sufficient. Some children have a difficult transition to training pants from pull-ups, more so than diapers to training pants. Moving to the preschool room requires pants not diapers (even pull-ups).  Using underpants makes the transition smoother.


1. All lunches must be eaten as prepared. (no microwave is available).

2. Breakfast will be allowed until 8:00 AM only.

3. Items requiring the use of a spoon are to be left at home unless the child has the ability to use spoons.

4. All cups must have sippy lids.

5. No raisins, uncut grapes, popcorn, uncut hot-dogs, marshmallows, nuts, seeds, gum, dried fruit, cough drops, candy.

6. While eating, all children are asked to remain seated at a table.


1. All toddlers will receive a cot sheet to be taken home weekly.

2. Small blankets welcomed- no sleeping bags, comforters or standard-size pillows.

3. Children receive one-on-one attention at naptime when they are patted to sleep.

4. Approximate naptime- 1:00 - 3:00.

5. Children are allowed to wake up on their own.

Helpful Hints:

1. A set of weather-appropriate clothing should remain in the child's cubby at all times.

2. Toys from home are not allowed.

3. Wigwam rules are to be followed always. Especially when parents are in the classroom.  Remember- parents are responsible for their children when they are present. Please do not put the staff in the awkward position of disciplining a child in front of you.

We provide services at this facility without regard to your race, color, religious creed, handicap, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, or LEP.

All information is subject to change.

For further information see handbook  or call (215) 256-1222

Pricing  (effective 7-1-2008)

Full time:

  • Plan 60 - $201.00/2 activity fees
    Up to 60 hours per week
    Earn 5 vacation coupons after 6 mths.
  • Plan 45 - $181.00/2 activity fees
    Up to 45 hours per week
    Earn 5 vacation coupons after 6 mths.

Part Time

  • Plan 35 - $163.00/2 activity fees
    Up to 35 hours per week
    Earn 5 vacation coupons after 12 mths.
  • Plan 23 - $116.00/1 activity fee
    Up to 23 hours per week
    Earn 5 vacation coupons after 12 mths.

Hourly - $5.25

  • $10.00 cot sheet/per event activity fee
  • Up to 10 hours per week
  • Subject to availability
  • Tuition due monthly
  • Not eligible for vacation

Monthly-Hourly: one box of wipes (80 count) for each child every other month.

-Plan 23: one box of wipes (80 count) for each child per month.

-Plan 35, 45, and 60: two boxes of wipes (80 count) for each child per month.


  • P.M. snacks
  • Milk at lunch/ juice with snacks
  • One hot lunch per week (Sept. - June) for full/part-timers

Ratio: 1 adult for 6 children

Activity Fee due Sept. and Jan.
(Rates subject to change every May)


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