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Our goal to build and strengthen friendships will enable the children to discover their strengths and will allow for self-exploration through the child-directed curriculum.

School Philosophy:

   As a nation our most important resource is children. Through the wonder of a happy and supportive childhood a child can gather the tools he or she will need to function as a productive adult in our society. In many households the primary task of providing this environment is taken on by the parents. However, an increasing number of parents are turning to teachers and administrators to fill these roles.  Children require the opportunity to grow at their own pace, therefore, a curriculum should remain flexible as well as provide basic knowledge on which they will be able to build learning skills for a lifetime.  As a licensed school we are responsible for launching students' academic and social careers.  Through our hands-on curriculum, social experiences, field trips, intergenerational activities, and physical environment we are prepared to meet the needs of our students and provide them with the tools to become successful students as well as valuable resources to our society.


Parents are required to make arrangements  with Transporation Services, Inc.

  • E.M.C. Elementary
  • West Rockhill


The qualified, caring, and enthusiastic staff consists of certified teachers with Bachelor of Science degrees in Early Childhood and Elementary Ed., as well as aids currently enrolled in college education courses.  The staff is also certified in First Aid and CPR.

All Programs Include:

  • Projects
    • individual
    • cooperative
    • themed
  • Reading Club
    • weekly library trips
    • literature appreciation
    • reading incentive board (included pizza party)
  • Drama Club
    • playwriting
    • costume making
    • performing
  • Outside Play
    • playground
    • open spaces
    • water acitivities
    • group games
    • weekly trips to local playground
    • athletic fields
    • nature walks
  • Planned special events
    • all day field trips
    • monthly themed celebrations
  • Extras
    • Nintendo
    • short, local trips
    • miniature golf
    • Dairy Queen
    • nature centers
    • parks
    • rap sessions
    • various board games

The goal of the infant program is centered around the idea that children play to learn. The age-appropriate activities allow children to explore and manipulate in order to create a  hands-on, minds-on environment.

We provide services at this facility without regard to your race, color, religious creed, handicap, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, or LEP.

Our Viewpoints:

1. Finger foods- should become part of breakfast/lunch/snack at 12 months.
2. Cups- should start at 12 months.
3. Spoon feeding self- should begin at 15 months or earlier.
4. Cloth diapers- allowed up to 6 months.
5. Heating bottles- always done in crockpot (never microwave).
6. Breastfeeding- always welcome.
7. Dropping in- parents are always welcome to visit!
8. Napping- do not wake sleeping babies.
9. Siblings may visit during the day, but should not come into the nursery during pickup and     drop-off times.

 Helpful Hints:

1. If child is absent or going to be absent, talk to head teacher.
2. To help keep the rug clean where babies are crawling, please check your shoes for dirt.
3. Please tell us how strictly or how flexibly to follow your child's schedule.
4. If your child typically cries when you reenter the room, have another teacher bring back any forgotten items.
5. Please do not pick up other children.
6. Please share suggestions/ concerns.  Don't go home with unanswered questions.

What Wigwam Provides:

  • cheerios
  • crib bumpers
  • crib mobiles
  • weekly Papoose Newsletter
  • helpful parenting videotapes
  • challenging projects

Pricing  (effective 7-1-2008)

Full time:

  • $150.00
    Up to 45 hours per week

Part Time

  • $95.00
    Up to 23 hours per wee
    1 weeks vacation at no cost (full time only) after completing 6 months of attendance.


  • Juice at snack and lunch

Before/After School Care:(1st thru 5th grades)

1 - 7 hours - $5.00 per hour
7+ - 14 hours - $47.00 per week*
14+ - 20 hours - $57.00 per week*


  • Early dismissal from school
  • Late start to school
  • PM snack with juice

NOT included:(additional $10/day)

  • snow days
  • closings
  • holidays

Summer Program:


Full Time

  • $135.00
    Up to 45 hours per week

Selected Weeks

  • $140.00 Daily
  • $35 (over 4 hours/day)
  • $15 (4 hours or less/day)

(Rates subject to change every May)


  • Local trips
  • Unlimited hours
  • Snacks twice daily
  • All beverages
  • Signed contract


All Programs Include:

  • Projects
    • individual
    • cooperative
    • themed
  • computer access
  • reading club
    • weekly library trips
    • literature appreciation
    • reading incentive board (includes pizza party)

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