WIGWAM Day Care School

   Why the name "WIGWAM Day Care School?" We are a "Day Care" because we are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare to provide safe care of a child during the absence of a parent. We are a "School" because we are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education; there is a planned curriculum and accredited persons to teach. We chose "Wigwam" because this region of Southeastern Pennsylvania is rich in American Indian culture - the Algonquin Indians to be specific.  The Algonquin were nomadic, and wigwams were, in a sense, portable.  This meant that the Indians could have a sense of "home" even when they were usually on the move.

   It is for this feeling of "home away from home" as well as with the heritage of this area that the name "Wigwam" was chosen.  However, the uniqueness of the Wigwam Day Care School goes far beyond its name.

   The Philosophy of the Wigwam Day Care School is holistic. As we grow day to day we develop emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually.  These four basic factors are interwoven and although as times we concentrate on one, we realize that they are never completely separate.

   Our objective is to set individual attainable goals with your child which will meet these four areas of development.  At Wigwam Day Care School we believe the key to reaching these goals is security.  Feeling secure is our top priority and it is crucial that there is a lot of love and communication between both our staff and our parents.  Our approach will never separate guidance and care, learning and loving.

   Here at Wigwam Day Care School we will create  a positive climate for emotional growth while trying to improve self-perception/self-esteem and sensitivity to others, and also to develop socially acceptable expressions of needs and impulses.  Our focus, whether it is with the Papooses' (Infants), the Lil' Braves (Young Toddlers), the Braves (Older Toddlers), the Chieftains (Preschoolers), the Tribe (Kindergarteners) or the Schoolagers (Schoolagers), is to provide your child with a "Wigwam" that is nurturing and accepting. We feel that by identifying with Wigwam Day Care School as a group it will help to promote your child's individual growth!

Mission Statement

   Our goal at Wigwam Daycare School is to provide affordable care in which our dedicated staff provides loving security. The children enjoy a healthy environment which allows discovery of self and others through safe, nurturing and educational guidance. Our desire is to strengthen the foundation of the family unit by providing an extensive support system.

Excellent Location
Professional Staff
Quality Care
Modern Facility
Educational Equipment
Large Outdoor Play Area
Full & Part Time Hours
Parent Resource Library
Community Involvement
Support Groups
Aerobics for Mom
Open Door Policy
Full Day Kindergarten
Bonus Board

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